The Power of Emotion in Action Learning

When prospective clients call our offices in either the U.S. or the UK and ask how we are able to achieve such extraordinary results, our response is always the same: it’s our construct – we engage executive and high-potential students emotionally first, then psychologically, then finally we ask them to process everything they have experienced intellectually. Some callers are absolutely shocked and appalled. “What do you mean you engage them EMOTIONALLY?” “Well”, we reply, “they’ve already got their emotions with them, so we figure we might as well use them.” Sometimes “click” is the next sound we hear. But more often than not, people want to learn more. And that is the key idea: learning MORE.

Scientists have proven that emotionally engaging, experiential learning results in specific, positive action states, as well as more accurate mental maps of the world. That is why Leadership Masters uses “learning blocks”, brief mapping sessions in-between our acclaimed leadership theater scenes and our real-time role-play scenarios. These learning blocks leverage such ‘action states’, inspiring student participants to map out not only the short and long-term strategies for their specific work groups, but also the leadership behaviors that will be required to drive change.

Of course, it’s how you engage the emotional lives of successful and influential people that makes all the difference. Leadership Masters uses powerful, inspiring examples of documented leaders who faced monumental challenges, and the transformational strategies they employed to bring about both personal and institutional change. The writing is always sophisticated, insightful and challenging, the acting is brilliant, and the learning blocks are custom-fitted to the outcomes specified by our clients. We then add soaring music and moving images to the mix, and the result is a sustained state of inspiration, the kind that helps people move mountains, including the mountain of self.

Friedrick Nietzsche once said: “Of all the vast mines of treasure, the treasure of the self is always the last to be discovered”. Leadership Masters helps powerful and successful people mine the treasures of the self, including the very emotional and inspiring decision of leadership. And yes, great leadership requires an emotional and inspirational decision to lead and to lead well. We hope you’re not too shocked and appalled.


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